Students Served

Over 26,000 trained as Peacemakers
Over 100,000 impacted


Soul Shoppe trains student Peacemakers in leadership, conflict resolution and peacemaking skills to help their peers work out problems peacefully

Peer to peer relationships gets results. Researchers have reported the power of peer group intervention as the most effective form of intervention and suggested that prevention/intervention programs provide students with the skill-building and support they need to do so.

[1] O’Connell, Pepler & Craig, 1999; Salmivalli, 1999; Sutton & Smith, 1999; Twemlow, Fonagy, & Sacco, 2004



Vicki Abadesco | Founder & Director of Infinite Possibilities

As the Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, vicki! brings 30 years of experience as an educator teaching life skills and conflict resolution tools to young people and adults. vicki! is known for creating fun and safe environments where everyone is free to be. She is a fellow for the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT, author of “Free to Be,” “Leadership: Truth or Dare” and “Mentor Magic” activity cards, and co-author of “Cool Tools for Schools” an interactive curricula guide for teachers

Joseph Savage | Founder & Chief Executive Storyteller

A Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, Joseph has created and presented award-winning curricula for hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents. As a presenter, Joseph is known for his mastery facilitating safe and fun learning environments where students gain self-esteem, accelerate their learning processes, and where a culture of empathy becomes the norm. He co-authored “Cool Tools For Schools,” an interactive character-education curriculum for teachers, and is currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books on building character.

Dara Ackerman | Lead Big-Hearted Peacemaker Trainer

Dara is a singer-songwriter, bandleader, and creative arts educator with a background in music, dance and children’s theater. She loves to collaborate with others and has combined creativity with organizing for youth, environmental protection, animal rights and social justice. Dara is co-founder of The Earthville Network, a nonprofit based in Northern India, where she spent eight years working with Tibetan refugees and international volunteers on projects for cross-cultural friendship, education, and peace. She is thrilled to have the chance to bring peace onto the playground, into the classroom, and into the lives of students and their families with Soul Shoppe, her dream come true.

Adhamh Hoeltzel | Big-Hearted Peacemaker Trainer

Adhamh arrived at Soul Shoppe with over ten years of experience in social justice education. Working with youth in his hometown at the National Conference for Community and Justice St. Louis and later with Bay Area elementary school children at the The Mosaic Project, Adhamh has developed a passion for compassionately addressing the collective wounds that affect how we treat ourselves and one another.