Train your students to be everyday Peacemakers and allies!

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The Peacemaker Program is a Student Leadership program that trains a team of select 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade Peacemakers to solve problems and provide ally-ship and communication support on the playground and in the classroom.

The program includes special training of a school site “Peacemaker Liaison”, training for yard-duty staff, training for school staff and a parent program.

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Train students in essential communication skills and conflict resolution strategies to support their peers to resolve problems on the Peace Path.

Student Peacemakers are trained during a 3-part training or 1 full day in the following skills:

  • “I” Messages: the essential communication tool
  • “The Clean-Up”: taking students beyond, “I’m sorry”
  • “Stop & Breathe”: an important decision making and de-escalation skills
  •  Teamwork: through several activities, students will learn the value of working together
  • Leadership: peacemakers learn about their role as leaders in their community

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Join our Train the Peacemaker Trainer Certification Program

Become a certified Soul Shoppe Peacemaker Trainer. (Available to schools outside the San Francisco Bay Area only.)

Certify your school to train your own student Peacemakers!

Each school can send up to 3 people to be trained to successfully facilitate and set up your school’s Peacemaker Program.

Certification Includes:

  • Understanding your own conflict styles
  • Understanding the physiology of conflict
  • Learning the curriculum for training Peacemakers
  • Setting up the PM Program for success
  • Choosing your PM’s
  • Getting entire school on board
  • Special event introducing PM’s to parents
  • School-wide Peace-building events
  • All you need to know about your Peace Path

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Become a Peacemaker Program Licensee

(Available only outside the San Francisco Bay Area. )

In creating a licensing program, we envision more students and schools having access to skills and tools that build peace, compassion, and community. Our goal is to align with people who have a passion to serve schools and a desire to build their own business in this specific area.

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